Shenise’s deep concern and passion for the City of Dayton has sparked her innate ability to not only lead but to deeply hear the residents concerns, and to implement practices and policies that address the concerns and the needs of the community. Together, we will Transform Our Community Block by Block.

Block 1 - Building Our Neighborhoods One Block At A Time ——strategic community & neighborhood development — creating healthy, vibrant,  & livable neighborhoods.

Block 2 - Aggressively Removing Abandoned Housing —-rebuilding & creating value in our neighborhoods by investing in the health and safety of our residents through strategic demolition and redevelopment. 

Block 3 - Attracting Businesses to Our Community— implementing balanced development to improve the quality of life for all of our residents.

Block 4 - Creating Jobs — championing policies & programming that equip residents with the skills that are needed to compete and maintain employment.

Block 5 - Making You A Priority — addressing the concerns and needs of residents, businesses, and community stakeholders through intentional planning and implementation.