Your Neighborhood Team

Darryl Fairchild and Shenise Turner-Sloss, candidates for Dayton City Commission, are Your Neighborhood Team. Turner-Sloss and Fairchild are long-time residents of Dayton who have built strong, lasting relationships with members of the community who now seek to serve in a city leadership capacity. Products of Dayton Public Schools, Fairchild and Turner-Sloss are natural leaders with demonstrated commitment to the City of Dayton, and genuine concern for its residents, businesses, and community stakeholders.YNT_Photo_(New)_(1).jpg

Turner-Sloss and Fairchild understand that governing is relational. It’s about shoring up the common thread that makes this community soar high, persevere through challenges, and offer creative and innovative thinking.

Your Neighborhood Team will bring community-based leadership to the Commission that will create proactive and creative policies that will positively impact all residents.

Fairchild and Turner-Sloss will work tirelessly to improve the quality of life in our city, making our residential neighborhoods safe and vibrant. Let’s have a city government that serves all its residents—one which is responsive to all concerns and fairly allocates the resources needed to truly make Dayton a great place to live, work, and play.

Please support Your Neighborhood Team!